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Joined-up approach.

Our specialist teams include data miners, media planners, conceptual creatives, and more. We all work collaboratively with you from the get-go, drawing on your valuable insights and input. Our mission is to become an extension of your team.

To us, unlocking that big idea is paramount, then we decide the best ways to reach your target audience in a way that yields results. That’s not something we delegate, it’s something we do. Here’s how.



We learn about your business, your market and the challenges you face. And by using our insight and measuring tools, we share data on your brand and your competitors’ brands, we help you craft one multi-channel brief.



We formulate one cohesive and measurable multi-channel plan and provide costs. Utilising each channel in the most effective and efficient way, with no channel bias.



Through one principal Sound contact, aided by our team of specialists, we bring your targeted, multi-channel campaign to life. Engaging your audience with a solution that resonates and drives response.



With our joined-up reporting we measure performance across all channels, offering more in-depth analysis and ensuring accountability and informing all future activity.

Joined-up reporting.

We know accountability and measurability are key, so our joined-up reporting gives us the insights needed to refine our activity and ensure we continue to deliver effectively.

At the start of the process, we will share a high level report that highlights important insights about your brand, and any recent campaign activity. We will follow this up with more detailed reporting that will provide deeper insight on channels, segments, campaigns and competitors. This will help inform future activity and support brand tracking over time.

Integrated reporting giving you the full picture.