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Light at the end of the creative tunnel

Light at the end of the creative tunnel

Coronavirus is calling the shots. Being holed up at home isn’t where most creative people feel they do their best work. The arts world begs to disagree – history tells us that some of the most vibrant creative eras have followed periods of turmoil and distress.

Before most marketing and communications teams can get to the creative piece right now, there is a reality that many team members are furloughed, and campaigns are being delayed or cancelled altogether. Simply getting your head around the planning is unsettling at best.

In recent weeks, travel marketing professionals have been tasked with the alien work of encouraging people to ‘stay away’. Web and social channels are packed with advice not to travel. Creative brains have had to flip and develop skills that contradict those they’ve spent their careers honing. Challenges are usually what the creative brain thrives on, and there’s no doubt the current situation is presenting them with the mother of all challenges.

Marketing professionals may feel they’re stagnating at home, but there is some exceptionally clever and simple work going on. Tourist boards are saving people’s sanity with armchair video travels to some of the world’s most beautiful places, attractions are opening up their doors with virtual tours and live web cams, and hospitality and transport sectors have done amazing things for key workers.

In the most extreme of uncertain worlds, looking for green shoots is tough. But they are there. Recent polling by TI Media for their ‘A Nation Together’ bulletin found that one in five people are researching holidays and planning trips for once life returns to normal.

There’s a lot of talk of pent up demand, and that the travel industry will return with a vengeance. Most marketing professionals in this space are too nervous - very understandably – to think about this happening in 2020. But, they are beginning to plan for 2021.

Trendsetters are sharing the suggestion that our world post-lockdown will be less obsessed with material possessions. Care and kindness is shining through. Recovery planning for us is about having partners and clients who have applied these attributes throughout this crisis.

It’s no surprise that travel brands showing empathy will be the ones to watch as consumer spending begins to trickle back. Creativity, community and compassion will call the shots once we’re out of this. And we’ll be leaving another c-word far behind.

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