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How we came together to deliver a complete response to a very open brief.

Strategy  /  media planning  /  multi-channel creative


Air New Zealand have been flying London to LA for over 35 years, but brand awareness on the route was low, with most people associating the airline with flying only to New Zealand.

The brand were looking to raise awareness of the London to LA route, while highlighting their premium service in a market that’s cluttered and price-driven.

It was an open brief, with the only prerequisites being standout and reach for their budget, and creative that sat under the banner of their global brand positioning: ‘a better way to fly’.

Sound’s integrated planning and delivery proposition – with one cohesive team working toward a solution across the right channels – gave Air New Zealand the confidence to try a different approach.


First, we identified the core idea: that the London to LA route was Air New Zealand’s best kept secret. We then developed a coordinated response that included strategy, media planning and creative – and began with identifying the target audience.

With an audience that generally showed low media consumption, our proposed channel usage needed to be smart: without bias, and informed by data and insights. By understanding daily touchpoints, we could target audiences more effectively. To maximise the budget, channels could be adjusted up or down to suit.

Plus, an open brief meant we could identify channels that not only reached the right audience at the right time, but heightened our messaging overall. Cross-track projections offered greater dwell time and engagement with leisure and business travellers, and digital display overlays at identified HOT spots let defined audiences and additional in-market consumers see the campaign multiple times in a single journey.


We identified a range of adaptable routes that would generate PR, includng LA Stories – an LA mini guide from Air New Zealand crew targeting travel media and interest groups – and #ItsNoSecret, a strand that included fun facts about the crew with the goal of connecting on a personal level with audiences.

Engaging the travel trade would incentivise them to book more customers on the route. We pitched delivery of creative DM to media and agents over the course of the week, with the last containing an invitation to an agent FAM trip.

Our creative concept was well-received – in fact, the client came back with a request to extend the initial campaign span. This fed into a final creative concept that delivered longevity, and that was something that customers would return to – a fitting testament to the effectiveness of an integrated response.

Working with Sound offered us an excellent, integrated solution to our campaign needs. Their creative ideas were fantastic and really took into consideration our brand identity, tone of voice and objectives. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Sound and the exciting ideas we’ll be able to collaborate on in the future.

Nishi Jarver
Marketing Manager, UK & Europe


‘Bet you didn’t know’ was bold, yet conversational. A concept that presented product messaging alongside a host of other generally unknown facts, it demonstrated a forward-thinking approach that offered almost endless scope for switching up content.

This concept was the heart of a campaign would be seen on multiple channels – with digital outdoor in London underground and train stations, plus online display, paid social, native and chatbot advertising. For the campaign landing page, we built a ‘random fact generator’, letting users continuously hit the refresh button for more new facts (from a curated bank of dozens).


Sound’s approach is never one-size-fits-all. We work as a single, cohesive team and approach each project without channel bias – ensuring that eachproposed solution maximises campaign exposure and effectiveness.

Our highly successful ‘Bet you didn’t know’ campaign ran over peak booking season for the London to LA route. A significant year-over-year growth in brand engagement, consideration and conversion makes it clearthat our integrated approach paid off – it allowed for a combination of precision targeting and consistent, relevant implementation across optimal channels that would otherwise have been difficult to manage.

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